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File storage

A search via files is only possible if it was set up the File storage in Disk for file seach. Otherwise, the menu item will show a Lock icon.

However, the File storage only appears in the main menu if it is usable. This means that the File storage has been configured accordingly and the user has the application authorization. This procedure is comparable with the use of the number generator.

File search

In the Pattern input field, you can enter a search pattern without a file extension. This initiates a search for all files of the type shown above with the particular pattern. The following figure shows a search for PDF files that have the word "installation" in their name. We selected “TEST" as the disk. At this point, all data carriers/disks that have been created in Administration appear and can be selected for search.

Figure: File search for Volumes (pdf)

After clicking Search the search result displays as a list below. The list is empty, if nothing is found.

Figure: File search for Volumes and search results

Drive display

The following figures use the Test disk as an example.

All files and directories of the TEST drive are shown in the overview of the figure TEST drive display: /.

Figure: Drive display TEST: /

When clicking on one of the directories, the user will be shown the contents of the folders, plus a list of all PDF files available for download.

Figure: Drive display TEST: /wcore2-REL-2.002X and its downloadable PDF files

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