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Configure and query search parameters

Configure search parameters

The search parameters can be configured as follows.

Use Search configuration to use the Default , possibly empty search query, or you can set up a specific, individual search query.

Figure: Search parameters configuration

You can select the following search parameters for the search query:

  • Cluster
  • Daemon
  • Source
  • Action
  • Target
  • Object description
  • Job description
  • Status
  • Results
  • Ext. Users
  • Jobs older than (days)
  • Period (created, modified, or completed)
  • Logging
  • Jobs

You can choose existing selection options via the respective drop-down menu or you can describe them with a text entry.

Once all desired changes or adjustments to the search parameters have been configured, save the search configuration:

Save as Create search configuration (New window) → Configuration name "Enter personal configuration name"→ confirm Save as.

Figure: Save search configuration

Now this specifically created search configuration is selectable from the drop-down menu.

Specifically created search configurations can also be edited later.

To do this, select the individual search configuration via the drop-down menu and make the desired changes in the respective search parameter options.

Clicking the Save button accepts the changes and overwrites the search configuration.

To delete a saved search query: Select the search configuration from the drop-down menu and press the Delete button.

Figure: Delete search configuration

Search results

If all of the above settings and filters are configured for the search query, it can be started via Search Jobs.  

The search results output is a table below the search parameter mask.

Edit the search result table as in Completed jobs

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