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Completed jobs

The ‘Completed jobs‘ area lists the most recently processed jobs in tabular form. Jump to the details page of the Job by clicking on the job ID.

The Results column shows the respective icon for job status.

The results output or icons are as follows:

  • Job completed successfully, green
  • Job ended with error(s), red
  • Job is to be ignored, yellow
  • Job partially completed, blue
  • Job rejected, purple

The status description also appears as text when you hover the mouse over the icon.

The last 250 are the maximum number of jobs listed. Page numbering allows you to scroll through the list of jobs. You can specify the number of jobs listed per page. In the figure below these are 25 jobs per page, thus 10 displayable pages for scrolling.

Table configuration is possible, as described in. Jobs in process

Figure: Completed jobs

When clicking the job ID, the job information page for the selected ID opens 2020-06-29_15-17-05_.Ansicht Job-Details vECE_2.0.

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