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Jobs in process

The ‘Jobs in process‘ overview is located at the top of the dashboard screen. The currently processed jobs are listed in a table that can be configured.

The table can be configured via the ‘Show columns‘ drop-down menu, i.e. columns can be added or removed.

The default columns are Status, ID, Cluster, Object description as well as Job description.

You can add the following columns in the’Show Columns‘ selection:

  • ID
  • System
  • Completion
  • Status
  • Result
  • Object description
  • Job description
  • Cluster
  • External user
  • Closing comments
  • Action
  • Daemon
  • Host

Figure: Column selection for table configuration

All columns of the table can display via the upper checkbox in the scroll-down selection.

The in the top right corner of the scroll down selection closes it again.

The Reset configuration’ button resets the table to the default view.

Use the Arrow icons behind the column names to sort the table in ascending or descending order according to column.

Jump to the details page of the Job by clicking on the job ID.

Figure: Jobs in process

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