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Update Cockpit

To update the RE-Cockpit, the Mail and Vault daemons, one has to download two files:
the new version of the ece.ear and a .zip file with the libraries of the daemons.

Update RE-Cockpit 


  1. Open the directory in which the RE-environment is stored in the file explorer
  2. Open the folder <Wildfly-directory>/standalone/deployments 
  3. Copy the file ece.ear and save it in a different folder
  4. Change the file name to e.g ece_old.ear
  5. Change the name of the new downloaded .ear file to ece.ear
  6. Move the new ece.ear file into the folder deployments to replace the old ece.ear file
  7. The file ece.ear deploys immediately 


If you remove the old ece.ear file from the deployment folder, the deployment will not work later anymore.
So it is crucial to copy the file, not remove it, and then replace it later with the new .ear.


If the deployment fails after replacing the ece.ear file, try restarting WilfFly.

After the successful update of the Cockpit, one can see the new version of it in the RE-Cockpit.

Before the update:

After the update:

Update Daemons 


  1. Open the RE-Cockpit in the browser
  2. Here, under Monitoring→Lifecycle, click on "Finish work and stop daemon" for the Mail and Vault daemon.
  3. Open the directory where the daemons are installed in the file explorer
  4. Rename the lib folder to e.g lib_old
  5. Extract the new lib folder from the
  6. Copy the new lib folder into the directory where the daemons are installed


    The new lib folder is missing the file ece-daemon-boot-apache.jar.
    Copy this file from the lib_old folder.

  7. Open the terminal

  8. Change to the directory <Install-path>Daemons/mail
  9. Run ./ to start the Mail daemon
  10. Open a new terminal
  11. Change to the directory <Install-path>Daemons/vault
  12. Run ./ to start the Vault daemon
  13. Keep all the terminals open and check if the daemons started in the RE-Cockpit.


If a daemon fails to start, try running ./ once more.

After the successful update of the daemons, one can view the new version of the daemons in the RE-Cockpit.

To see the version of the daemons, one has to open the RE-Cockpit and click on Administration→Data Extension Repositories→ 


Before the Update:

After the Update:

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