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The "Back to previous page" and "Refresh overview" icons are at the top of the screen. 

The columns are divided into

  • ID: Email ID
  • Subject: Individually defined subject title
  • Addressee: Email address(es)
  • Sent: Date and time of the mailing
  • Send status: "Failed to send Mail 'ID' without content.", "Test mail delivery for 'PART."

If there are multiple email recipients, the email addresses are separated by commas.

Figure: Outbox, top navigation

Mail details

Clicking on the "ID" in the outbox list; opens the Mail Details page.

  • Sender: Sender of the emails
  • Addressee: All email recipients are listed with a comma separated value.
  • CC (optional): as recipient
  • BCC (optional): as recipient
  • Subject: Subject of the mailing


Shows the messages of the mailing.

  • Type: text/html
  • Name (optional)

Figure: Outbox, delete mails with a comment

Delete Mails


  1. Select the emails to delete (tick and blue background.)
  2. Add a comment for delete mails, here e.g. "delete test mail".

Figure: Outbox, selection of the mails to be deleted

3. Before the mail is finally deleted, the pop-up window Delete selected mails? opens.

Figure: Pop-up window "Delete selected mails?"

If the mails are successfully deleted, a message for the user appears above the outgoing mail list.

Figure: Outbox with the message, that 2 mails are successfully deleted.

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