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Creating a Test job

Create RE job

You can create a RE test job here to check RE infrastructure.

Figure: Daemon and Cluster setup

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You can create a RE-test job with the following options:

  1. Job type (Dropdown): Simple test, Vault test, Outgoing mail test, Creo start test
  2. Weighting: Easy, normal, or difficult
  3. Cluster (Dropdown): Select from the existing clusters in the system
  4. Comment: Reason for creating the job
  5. Mail recipients: separate multiple email recipients with a comma
  6. Restart: If "ON", the daemon restarts after the job is processed.
  7. Number of RE test jobs: Multiple jobs are created at the same time.

Figure: Edit RE test jobs

Figure: Create new RE test job

Various job types serve to test the basic functions of RE daemons.

  • Simple test
  • Vault test
  • Outbox test
  • Creo start test
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