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Windchill® Update

When updating PTC® Windchill® (minor release), the following steps are performed, among others:

  1. The existing Windchill® is updated to the new minor release version

  2. Files in the Apache and Windchill® directory are adjusted or reset, if necessary

The Windchill Upgrade Manager is used to perform the update. It takes into account the adjustments in the wtSafeArea and, if necessary, transfers them to the new version.

The version of IFConneX already installed is important for the update. If this is not compatible with the target version of Windchill®, IFConneX must be uninstalled before the update.

Before updating Windchill®, check the compatibility of your interface with the target version of Windchill®. For more information, see IFConneX / Windchill compatibility matrix.

The update process and the effects on IFConneX differ accordingly. The following process variants are therefore possible:

  1. The IFConneX version is not compatible with the new Windchill® version, see Update with non-compatible IFConneX version.

  2. The IFConneX version is compatible with the new Windchill® version, see Update with compatible IFConneX version.

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