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JavaScript registration


Combines all javascript fragments including those contained in Innoface.jsfrag. Therefore, the PTC script jsfrag_combine.xml, which regenerates windchill-all.js, is used. The file innoface.jsfrag is copied to <WT_HOME>/codebase/netmarkets/javascript/util/jsfrags/innoface.jsfrag during the deploy.

If applicable, the cache has to be emptied in the browser client.

Alternative options:

  1. Open Windchill in private mode.

  2. Press F12 in browser, deactivate the cache temporarily in the settings and load the page again. Afterwards, activate the cache again.

  3. Depending on the browser, use STRG+F5, SHIFT+F5, STRG+SHIFT+F5 to load the page without the cache.

  4. Call windchill-all.js directly in the browser and press F5 a few times until the text "innoface" can be found. Link: https://windchill-server.domain/Windchill/netmarkets/javascript/util/windchill-all.js


Windchill Shell
ant std_register_scripts
Windchill Shell
ant std_register_scripts

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