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Following, the SAP system requirements are described:

  • Supported SAP systems
  • Required authorizations
  • Function modules used by the interface
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Document management
  • SAP notes

System requirements

In order to use IFConneX to the full extend, the transports provided by Innoface have to be imported. These transports contain ABAP Code in the INNOFACE namespace. You find a description of the contained RFC-capable function modules here. INNOFACE will send the transport required for your system to you.

All SAP R/3 4.7, S4 on premise, and SAP systems starting with ECC 5.0 SAPKB70014 with and without Unicode databases are supported. Older Versions can possibly be subject to limitations.

To be able to use current features of ABAP objects, an improved interface is provided for SAP systems whose SAP basic components have the version 7.40, SP level 007, and higher.

For older SAP systems, INNOFACE still provides the older implementation of the SAP interface which is sufficient for most requirements.


The interface works with the following objects

  • Material master
  • Document info record
  • Change master
  • Bill of material, bill of document, and so on.
  • Routing


The communication with the SAP systems takes place exclusively via official SAP protocols. The required ports are described in detail in the SAP document TCP/IP Ports Used by SAP Applications.


For actions executed by modules of the Release Engine, the maintenance of the Access-Control-Lists (ACL) in SAP has to be taken care of by the customer.


See OSS note 1850230(GW: "Registration of tp <program ID> not allowed").


Each logon of a user to a SAP system requires a corresponding SAP user license.

Components and Releases


INNOFACE recommends to run the SAP System with an up-to-date release to be able to use the SAP functionality of the interface without restraint.

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