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This document uses the term Windchill in place of the PTC products PDMLink, ProjectLink and Pro/Intralink. If necessary, the real product name, such as PDMLink may be used to indicate a special feature, distinction or differentiation of it from another product.


Some references and symbols are used in this document.

PTC_ROOTRoot directory for PTC products
(e.g. C:\ptc, Linux:/opt/ptc)
WT_ROOTRoot directory for the overall Windchill environment
(e.g. c:\ptc\Windchill_11.0, Linux: /opt/ptc/Windchill_11.0)
WT_HOMERoot directory of the Windchill server
(e.g. c:\ptc\Windchill_11.0\Windchill, Linux: /opt/ptc/Windchill_11.0)
APACHE_ROOTRoot directory for Windchill-Apache installation
(e.g. c:\ptc\Windchill_11.0\Apache, Linux: /opt/ptc/Windchill_11.0/Apache)

Types of objects

The documents often refer to different types of objects:

Types of objectsExplanationClass
EPMDocument 3DThese objects are parts as well as skeletons exclusive to assemblieswt.epm.EPMDocument
EPMDocument 2DThese objects are drawingswt.epm.EPMDocument
WTPartObjects of this type are parts or materialswt.part.WTPart
WTDocumentThese are ordinary documentswt.doc.WTDocument

Date formats

The usual date format used follows ISO 8601 (or EN 28601, DIN 5008) using the YYYY-MM-DD format. (YYYY: 4-digit year, MM: 2-digit month indicator, DD: 2-digit day of the month)

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