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In order to use SAP JCo, the JCo files have to be downloaded directly from the SAP website. INNOFACE AG is not allowed to distribute or provide SAP JCo.

1. SAP JCo 3 installation

The following steps have to be executed:

  1. For Windows systems: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (Note: x86 respectively x64 depending on the JCO3 package)
  2. For Linux systems: has to be included in the Java Library Path
  3. Download the SAP Java Connector (JCo) >= 3.1.3 from the official SAP homepage: html.


    • Select the appropriate operating system and processor architecture!
    • For the download, the username and password of the S-User is required. If these are not available, ask the respective SAP administrator for the login credentials.
  4. For Windows systems: sapjco3.dll (contained in the downloaded package) has to be contained in the Java Library Path
  5. For Linux systems: in the downloaded package) has to be contained in the Java Library Path
  6. sapjco3.jar (contained in the downloaded package) has to be addes to the Windchill Java classpath

    xconfmanager --add -p
  7. Restart Windchill

2. SAP SSO installation

To use SSO, at least SAP JCO 3.1.3 is required. A bug in earlier versions prevents SSO from working.

  1. Open the SAP software center: (Login as S-User with sufficient access rights is required)

  2.  Download SAPCAR utility program:

  3. Search for SAPSSOEXT and download the current version for the appropriate architecture.
    If IFConneX is used, the version for the operating system on which Windchill is running must be downloaded. For the Release Engine, the version for the operating system on which the Release Engine is running must be downloaded.

  4. Extract the content of the . SAR file into a separate folder using the SAPCAR tool. 
    Run the following command with the customized file and directory names:

    SAPCAR.EXE -xvf SAPSSOEXT.SAR -R C:\Temp\sapssoext
  5. After the required folders/files are available, the following steps must be performed:

The directory containing the following files must be copied to the target system.

On Windows systems these are:

  • sapssoext.dll
  • sapcrypto.dll
  • sapgenpse.exe

On Linux systems these are:

  • sapgenpse


  • The path on the target system can be chosen freely.
  • Windchill or the Release Engine needs read access to the files.
  • The path should not contain any spaces or special characters and must be communicated to Innoface, as the path must be specified in the configuration of the interface or rather the Release Engine.
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