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Shows an overview of the daemon lifecycles.

The "Back to previous page" and "Refresh overview" icons are at the top of the screen. 

The columns are divided into

  • Type: e.g. MAIL, RE, RPE, SIS, VAULT
  • Name: Name of the daemons
  • Cluster (optional): Name of the associated cluster
  • Update: Daemon lifecycle update date
  • Message: Feedback from the daemon
  • Runtime: Lifetime of the daemon
  • "Clock backward" icon: Show daemon lifecycle history
  • Restart icon: Restart the daemon
  • Stop icon: Stop work and stop daemon
  • Plug icon: Stop daemon immediately

Figure: Overview of the daemon lifecycles

Clicking on a cluster name takes you to the corresponding cluster configuration.

When clicking on the History icon, a new table appears, containing the following history information:

  • Appendix: Creation date and time of the daemon lifecycle
  • Update: Update date and time of the daemon lifecycle
  • Runtime: Of each daemon lifecycle section
  • Show history of daemon lifecycle ("Clock backwards" icon)
  • Restart daemon icon (Play icon)
  • Stop the work and stop daemon (Stop icon)
  • Stop daemon immediately (Plug icon)

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