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Basic settings

Figure: Editable System settings, Basic settings

  • Active license block: Insert the contents of the license file provided by Innoface here. Once a license has been successfully imported, the block text will show the customer name, customer number and existing features. Licensing details are available under Monitoring.
  • Scheduler logging from Start: Logging of the scheduler is active at system start. The Scheduler can be deactivated here while in operation.
  • Job distribution from Start: Job Distributor active at system start. Scheduler logging can be activated here during operation.
  • Report language: Language for systemreporting (English or German)
  • Base URL: Base URL from this server (incl. ece web client, without /). Use this information, for example, to generate links to jobs in emails.
  • System name: Special name for this system (e.g. Productive). You can specify an alternative title of the ReleaseEngine cockpit here, which then displays in the header of all pages. This makes it possible to visually distinguish different systems (e.g. Test and Prod).

Figure: Base settings for editing "Activated license block” pop-up

Figure: Base setting for editing "Scheduler logging from Start” pop-up

Figure: Base setting for editing "Job distribution from Start” pop-up

Figure: Base setting for editing "Report language” pop-up

Figure: Base setting for editing "Basis URL” pop-up

Figure: Base setting for editing "System name” pop-up

Figure: Base setting for editing "System type” pop-up

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