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What is the ReleaseEngine (RE)?

The ReleaseEngine is a modular system designed to handle various tasks in interaction with various other systems.

The basic modules consist of:

  • SQL database (data storage of configurations, job management, user administration, etc.)
  • ReleaseEngine cockpit: Application server (WildFly) with web interface for administration, job management and operation
  • Mail daemon (email dispatch)
  • Vault daemon (file storage)
  • SIS daemon (SAP-side addressing)
  • RE daemon (general or customer specific daemons)

For example, the ReleaseEngine ensures that neutral formats of released CAD drawings are updated in the document storage of the ERP system and correspond to the released drawing.

This provides the ERP user with reliable access to the correct versions of the released design documents. If so required, exchange formats can be made available to the ERP user either on request or in advance.

For example, when the status of a part changes in such a way that it is scheduled to be phased out, the ReleaseEngine can set the lifecycle of the corresponding CAD model in PTC Windchill® PDMLink® to alert the designer in a timely manner.


This document describes the general operation of the web interface for the ReleaseEngine (ReleaseEngine cockpit).

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