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Key-Value-Store serves for the storage of IFConneX configuration settings and other data, including temporary data, which is needed for the smooth operating of the interface.

The IFConneX license is stored in the Key-Value-Store.

The columns display the following information:

  • The column Type contains the type of the stored object. Following types are available:
    1. T: Text
    2. N: Integer value
    3. R: Floating point value
    4. B: Boolean
    5. D: Serialized Java object
  • The column Key shows the distinct name of the object. Under this name, the objects are stored and referenced.
  • Each object can be assigned to a category. For example, rulesets and rules are assigned to the category VALIDATIONS.
  • The column Metatype displays a logical name representing the data. Therefore, similar to the category, the objects can be ordered causally, e.g. rules to VALIDATION_RULE and rulesets to VALIDATION_RULESET.
  • The column Change Date contains the date of the last writing process. An object in the key store can be overwritten any number of times.
  • In the column Representation, a textual representation of the corresponding object can be provided.
  • The column State contains the object state.

The view can be updated via Refresh. The option for an automatic refresh of the view can be activated via Options → Auto Refresh. Info shows the timezone of the Windchill server.

In the display, FiIter can be set to limit the result of the view to objects of a certain category or meta type.

With a right click on an item and the selection of the command Details, an information window can be called which shows further details of the object.

With a right click on an item and the selection of the command Content, the value of the item can be displayed.

The dialog shows the value for objects of the type java.lang.String. For objects of any other type, n/a is displayed.

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