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Subject Catalog

Subject catalogs are database tables which can be created, updated or deleted during runtime.

These tables may e.g. be used to map values from Windchill and values from SAP. In addition, the catalog is frequently used to map description catalogs. An attribute value, which exists in Windchill, can be mapped to several languages, which do not have to exist in Windchill.

A new table can be defined via Add.

Table data

To fill the tables, CRON-Jobs are used.

The following data sources are supported:

Table column State

  • 'R' means 'Ready for use'
  • 'N' means 'Not ready for use'.

After a successful import of data via a CRON job, the state changes to 'R' automatically.

Import table definition

A previously exported table definition can be imported again via Import.

An existing table will not be overwritten. It has to be manually deleted before.

By selection of a table, more options for this table are shown. To select a table, click on the corresponding row.

Delete deletes the selected table. The deletion process has to be confirmed. If the deletion was confirmed with Yes, the view refreshes automatically after the successful deletion and the table is not visible any more.

Export exports the selected table definition (not the data) to an XML file.

View History shows the history of the table.

View Data displays the content of the table, as far as it exists.

View Definition displays the table definition.

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