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The ObjectCache is administered by the DataServer. It contains complex configurations which are available in the entire Windchill system. In the generated overview, it is evident, which object of the cache has been refreshed at what time.

Refresh updates the view. OptionsRefresh automatically can be activated in order to refresh the view regularly. The timezone of the Windchill user is displayed under Info.

Changes to files during the runtime of the system are possible. A site administrator can refresh the files with a right click on the corresponding line and a further click on Reload.

Cache entries are reloaded automatically every two minutes by configuration.


Reloading changes does not apply to event adapter configurations (*-event-adapter.xml) because event adapters are registered only at the time of a Windchill system start.

The columns of the table describe the following values:

  • The column Name displays the name of the object with which it is internally addressed.
  • The column Description contains a short comment about the corresponding data object.
  • The column Updates shows the number of reloads. Initially, after the start of Windchill, all counters are set to 1. If administrators perform changes to the configuration files, the counter increases after each change recognized by the DataServer.
  • The date of the last reload is shown in the column Date.
  • The column Autom. shows whether the data is reloaded by the DataServer automatically.
  • The file source, from which the object is read, is displayed in the column Source.

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